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Perspectives on Leveraging Blockchain at Your Plan
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  "Consumer demand for virtual care is rising, but clinicians still need to find ways to fold virtual visit workflow into their face-to-face schedule. Telemedicine allows a higher degree of acuity to be addressed without physical contact of the provider that creates new challenges in patient safety and adequate follow-up. The power of habit tempts both providers and consumers of care–yet we see reports of integrated health systems providing more than 50% of clinical care virtually. These high adoption rates seem to occur in settings where the motivations of delivery system, clinicians and payers are tightly aligned. This alignment seems to be the critical success factor in overcoming cultural factors preventing widespread adoption of telemedicine."

- Tricia Baird, M.D., MBA, FAAFP, Medical Director, Priority Health
  "...studies have shown that for diabetics who also have depression, costs for non-behavioral health services increased by $434 per month per member."

Excerpted from: Healthcare Innovation News, Volume 4, Issue 10, May 2017, "Catching Up With Daniel Trencher"
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Trends Driving Innovation in Healthcare

At Columbia Business School's 2017 Reunion Weekend, alumni in the Healthcare sector discussed trends driving innovation in healthcare and life sciences with moderator, Bunny Ellerin of the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Management Program.

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Source: Hospitals & Health Networks, May 2, 2017

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