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Quality Payment Programs in 2018: Medicare, MA Plans and Medicaid  
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  “States that went all in on implementing the ACA set up their own exchanges, but crucially also expanded Medicaid. Many states with their own exchanges have been more aggressive in outreach, which may have also helped lower the uninsured rate in the state.”
  -Larry Levitt, Senior Vice President, Kaiser Family Foundation

  According to a recent study released by Avalere Health Average premiums for bronze, gold and platinum plans will rise 18%, 16% and 24% respectively, the analysis found. Premium increases will vary significantly by state. For example, Iowa will see a 69% jump in average silver plan premium compared to 2017, while Alaska will see a 22% decrease in premiums for 2018.
Source: The Hill

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An attempt to destabilize Obamacare

An attempt to destabilize Obamacare

In early October, President Trump took aim at the Affordable Care Act (ACA), with two proposed changes that could weaken the law. The President said that the government will stop making cost-sharing reduction payments to health insurance companies. These payments are intended to subsidize plans offered to lower income Americans under the ACA.

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KFF: % of Americans That Think ACA Will Be Replaced in the Next Year

1. Very likely - 18%
2. Somewhat likely - 33%

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Source: KFF

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