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  Succeeding as an ACO: Establishing a SNF Preferred Provider Network   
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Accountable Care Video
Primary Care ACOs and Payment Reform

 Accountable Care Communities

This video highlights some major changes happening in Virginia as a result of the recently awarded State Innovation Model Grant. A core strategy of Virginia’s SIM grant is the formation of what are called Accountable Care Communities, or ACCs.  ACC is a relatively new term, but the concept behind it is, engaging a variety of stakeholders to work collaboratively to advance the Triple Aim within their communities.


WEDI: Key characteristics of ACO Maturity

1. the degree of integration

2. centralization of oversight

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Source: "Fundamentals of Accountable Care Organizations," Workgroup for Electronic Data Exchange (WEDI), September 2015
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This Month in Accountable Care News
  • What Healthcare Can Learn From Amazon, Uber, and the Movies by Ted Tanner, Jr.
  • A Call for Greater Health Care Transparency by Joel White
  • Editor’s Corner: Dr. Peter Angood on the Physician Leader Survey
  • Population Health Analytics: The Seven Vectors of Competitive Strategy By Ken Perez
  • Thought Leader’s Corner: "New ACO results are out, with both winners and losers. Is the ACO glass half full or half empty?”
  • Industry News with briefs regarding CMS, eHealthInitiative, the Commonwealth Fund, Leavitt Partners, Horizon BCBS and Omnia Health Alliance, and the AMA.
  • Catching Up with….Kavita Patel, MD, MPH
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